Exhibitor Info


Thank you for your interest in exhibiting with Florida’s #1 Gun Show. We are the largest gun show promoter in Florida. All of our shows are filled with vendors from all around the country who only sell directly gun and knife related items. 

If you would like to become a vendor you must complete the vendor application located below.


We do not allow food, jewelry, or flea market items to be sold at our show.

Table Size & Pricing

Table Size: Standard 8ft tables

Table Pricing: $130 (Aisle tables) | $140 (Wall tables)

* Wall tables are NOT guaranteed *

Vendor Setup Times

Friday: 1:00pm — 7:00pm
Saturday: 7:00am — 8:30am

Show Hours

Saturday: 9:00am — 5:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am — 5:00pm

**Vendors are required to be at the show BOTH DAYS **

Important Show Rules

  • NO LOADED WEAPONS allowed in building (period). This includes personal weapons as well.
  • Leaving early or not being at the show both days is not allowed without prior notice and consent of show management.

  • All apparel/content must be gun or knife related and No profanity/Inappropriate designs.

  • Putting non-gun related items on your tables is not allowed.

  • NO Flea market, garage sale merchandise or food are permitted at our show. All merchandise must be directly gun and knife related.

  • Vendors will receive 2 badges for the first table and 1 additional badge for all additional tables. All employees with a badge MUST be working behind the table at all times! Badges are NOT to be used for friends/family or customers/clients. Badges are to be worn on your shirt or in a lanyard at ALL times during show.

  • Vendors cannot be disruptive to other vendors or the public by use of radio, video with sound, noise makers, hollering, loud voices, flashing lights etc. Vendor must keep noise level confined to their rental space.

  • Tables may not be sublet or transferred to others without the express, prior consent of the Show Promoters.

  • Vendor is required to work from behind their reserved table(s); not in the aisles, or at front entrance or from the parking lots.

  • Vendor will not obstruct the aisles in anyway. Vendor will not place anything in front of, on the side of, or in the aisle beside any table. Vendor will keep all merchandise on or below their display table. Vendor will not use cheater boards (a board placed between tables or in back of to create additional table space).

  • Vendor understands and acknowledges that the space between and behind the tables is to be equally divided between vendors.

  • Vendors must bring an 8ft tablecloth to go over your table and an additional tablecloth to cover your merchandise at night.

  • While we do our best to provide you with the placement you would like in the show we cannot promise that will happen for various floor plan layout reasons. Show management reserves the right to change your placement at any time before you arrive to set up.

  • Vendor must at all times obey all insurance policy requirements and local and state fire marshal and fire department life safety regulations.

  • Florida Gun Shows provides 24 hour armed and licensed security force from show set up Friday to show tear down Sunday evening.

  • Vendor will not display or sell illegal weapons or knifes. Management decisions as to what can and cannot be displayed and sold are FINAL.

Gun Dealers

  • All Gun Dealers must have a (FFL) Federal Firearms License and be compliant with all current gun laws in Florida.
  • Vendors MUST HAVE ALARMS/CABLES ON GUNS – This goes for guns used for display as well.
  • All Magazines must be removed and remain out of the gun at all times.
  • Vendor must keep ALL firearms unloaded at all time during the show. This goes for guns displayed on an exhibit table or in cases, or underneath the table. ALL weapons must be “zip-tied” in such a manner to render ALL weapons totally inoperable. Please note: This includes personal firearms as well.
  • Vendor must keep all ammunition sealed in boxes or bags — Magazines and clips will be and remain unloaded the entire time on premise.

Ammo Dealers

  • All ammo must be in box or in a bag. No loose ammo is permitted in the show.
  • NO Re-Manufactured ammo is allowed in the show.

Cancellation Policy

In order to avoid a cancellation fee, all cancellations must be received 2 weeks prior to show date.

  • 50% cancellation Fee: All cancellations made within 2 weeks of the show date.
  • 100% of the table fees: Cancellations made on Friday – Saturday of the show.
  • NO CALL NO SHOWS: Will be charged 100% of table fees and will result in loss of rolling deposit you have on file.

** If you need to cancel your table reservation please click on the button below **

Show Locations

Orlando | 700 Tables
Central Florida Fairgrounds

Tampa | 800 Tables
Florida State Fairgrounds

Ft. Myers | 500 Tables
Lee Civic Center

Miami | 500 Tables
Miami-Dade Fairgrounds

Palmetto | 400 Tables
Bradenton Area Convention Center


Morgan Waters
Event Manager